Urban Pricing


ADOT evaluates the factors at each location to determine whether a competitive bid or rate card will be implemented.

Note: In addition to each lease, additional fees will apply for production, fabrication and installation of the actual logo signs.


GCSLS will conduct a competitive bid for logo signs when the demand for leases at an Urban traffic interchange location exceeds the available supply that ADOT can construct based on regulatory, safety and other limitations.

Each competitive bid will have a minimum starting amount noted in the bid packet. The minimum starting amount is determined by Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), and can range from $3,360 to $6,540 per year for bi-directional interstate logos (2 mainline and 2 ramp).

Note: For locations that only offer uni-directional interstate logos (1 mainline & 1 ramp), the minimum starting amount will range from $1,680 to $3,270 per year.

GCSLS will conduct Sealed Bid Second-Price Auctions for these long-term operating leases to determine the participants in the Urban logo program. For complete bid instructions and rules, see the Competitive Bid Process and Rules.


Rate pricing is used at ADOT’s discretion. In areas where the demand for logo signs does not exceed the available supply, rate pricing will apply. The minimum rate for bi-directional interstate logos (2 mainline and 2 ramp) is $3,360 per year and is determined by AADT.

Please see the outline of our rate pricing for the Urban program.

Note: In locations where logo signs are only available in one direction on the mainline highway, the lease amount will be calculated at one-half of the rate card amount.