Grand Canyon State Logo Signs has extensive experience in outdoor media, marketing, sales, real estate, site selection and road sign deployment. Our logo sign options can be tailored to your specific marketing needs and the area of your business. We can work with you to help devise a strategy to ensure the greatest amount of exposure to help drive traffic into your business. Please see the outline of our pricing for the various programs.

Urban Pricing

GCSLS will coordinate a competitive bid for leases at urban traffic interchange locations where the likely demand for the leases exceeds the available supply that ADOT can construct based on regulatory, safety and other limitations. In order to allocate available signage to qualified businesses, GCSLS will conduct Sealed Bid Second-Price Auction for these long term operating leases and determining the participants in the urban logo program. For the complete bid instructions and rules: Urban Competitive Bid Process and Rules.

  • The minimum pricing Interstate highway is $3,360/year (1 mainline sign in each direction). The effective date of this rate is October 1, 2013.
  • Rate card pricing is used at ADOT’s discretion. ADOT will evaluate the factors at each location to determine whether a rate card, competitive bid, or other pricing will be established.

In areas where the demand for the leases does not exceed the available supply, the rates will be fixed.

Bid Results

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Low AADT High AADT Midpoint Rate Card - Annual Lease Rent Daily Lease Rent Cost per 1,000 at AADT midpoint
250,000 + 275,000 $6,540 $18 $0.07
200,000 249,999 225,000 $5,460 $15 $0.07
150,000 199,999 175,000 $4,440 $12 $0.07
100,000 149,999 125,000 $3,360 $9 $0.07
50,000 99,999 75,000 $2,760 $7 $0.10
30,000 49,999 40,000 $2,256 $6 $0.15
0 29,999 15,000 $1,680 $5 $0.31

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