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How the blue logo signs help in the maintenance of Arizona highways.

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Advertising on Billboards

Billboard advertising is a very cost effective option versus other mass-media alternatives. However, billboards are available in limited areas and often cannot be placed adjacent to or even nearby the advertiser's place of business. Out-of-Home outdoor advertising, such as transit shelters, can be targeted more readily but the effectiveness and visibility of this medium has not been proven.

Advertising on Television

Generally regarded as the broadest "reach" medium, television is also the most costly on a per-unit basis. Long lead times for production — which also carries a substantial additional cost over and above the advertising rate - are the norm. The viewer is at home or at an out-of-home location and therefore not an immediate purchaser for the product or service.

Advertising on Radio

Radio is generally considered a "frequency" medium meaning a larger number of commercials are needed to break-through the clutter. And again, unless the commercial happens to run while a listener is in his or her car and is driving by the product or service establishment, there is no immediacy.

Advertising in Newspapers

Sadly, newspapers nationally continue to suffer circulation declines as readers turn to digital and other web-based communication alternatives. Further, newspapers are the most expensive option on a cost- per-thousand basis. And as noted earlier for other media types, the reader is at home or at work and cannot immediately take advantage of the advertiser's message.

Advertising on Logo Signs

A Grand Canyon State Logo Signs is the only advertising alternative that offers customers the immediate opportunity to visit and purchase the advertisers establishment as they are in their car and a prospect for your product or service. The signs are branded in a consistent manner with other signage and messaging elements and reinforce the advertising messages from all other brand messaging in other media types. Hungry? Turn now. Need refueling? Turn now. Need a nice place to stay or camp overnight? Turn now. Clearly, a message on a Grand Canyon State Logo Sign is the most impactful and most cost effective advertising medium available. Contact Grand Canyon State Logo Signs about getting your sign up and working hard 24/7 for your business. Get started today!

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